Son to Mother

Son to Mother

By Marcus Jones


Well, Mama, Let me tell you,

Life for me aint been no easy road

Although you have shown me the way to go

And guided me on my way,

I’ve had to dodge temptations of intoxication

Hurdle roadblocks of dangerous affiliations

And swerve when the rocks of hate fell on the road

But all the time, I just keep on driving

Turning down dark streets of isolation

Stuck in the traffic of misappropriation

And often harassed by the police because my rights done expired

But listen Mama…

I wont give up. I wont turn back because I saw the stairs you climbed

Those tacks and boards made me tough

And seeing you make it past them, I wont ever give up

And just in case you think I didn’t see

The many nights on bended knee

Your prayers for your son, is what really led me!


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