Why Millennials Are Leaving The Church: A Hip-Hop’er’s Response

Preacher with sneakers

There is a common saying when an occurrence causes a chain reaction: “That’s the straw that broke the camel’s back!” In other words, there were a chain of events that occurred where the camel could not carry anymore. I believe this analogy is fitting to explain why Millennials are leaving the church. As an apologist for the institution known as the church, and as a candidate for ordination of one of the oldest and largest mainline denominations, the United Methodist Church, I believe in the church, its mission, and commission. However, as a Hip-Hop’er and Millennial, I am concerned about the condition of said institution. I remember growing up thinking everyone went to church on Sundays. My city grandmother would come to pick my mother and I up bright and early to attend church: rain, sleet, or snow. At my country grandparents home, no one, adult or child, was able…

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